Update on field activites in Malawi

The field activities in Malawi are progressing well. With regard to the baobab root tuber field trials, harvesting activities have just been completed in Mangochi. During the last 3-4 months in total 60 farmers have planted and taken care of baobab seedlings. Now it is time to carefully measure the harvested baobab tubers and leaves in order to be able to assess the yields achieved. Results from this activity, coupled with, amongst others, a consumer survey and nutrient analysis, will help us draw conclusions on the technical feasibility, market potential and profitability of baobab root tuber and leaves production. 

Furthermore, experiments are being carried out on further potential uses of the baobab shells, which remain after processing the fruit. Currently we are investigating the conversion into briquettes, which again can be used for cooking – instead of charcoal or firewood collected from the forests. Please enjoy watching first tests of fabricated baobab briquettes, in cooking traditional Malawi foods!