BAOQUALITY Project featured on regional news

On 28th November the BAOQUALITY project has been presented in the regional German news programme ‘Lokalzeit Duisburg’ on the channel WDR.

William Dumenu, PhD candidate under the BAOQUALITY project and project leader Prof. Dietrich Darr of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, explain the importance of the baobab fruits for food and nutrition security, in particular during the lean season and its potential for generating income among local communities. 


The film briefly explains about the activities under BAOQUALITY to improve baobab value chains and processing of baobab products highlighting the example of the pilot project in Kilifi, Kenya:


‘In Kilifi, Kenya we supported the local communities to establish a processing enterprise for baobab fruits and oil, with the aim to use the growing baobab trees in that region, where no real market has been existing for these products. Now 60 or 70 farmers are organised in a cooperative, and a local entrepreneur acquired the machines and has been training local farmers how to properly collect and process the fruits.’, Prof. Darr elaborates.


The film is available under this link (minutes 8.54-12.12) until December 5th, 2022 (7.30 pm CET).