New video series on how to become a Baobab Processor

BAOQUALITY consultant Gus Le Breton, also known as the African Plant Hunter, produced a series of three videos for BAOQUALITY aiming to inform African entrepreneurs who want to enter the emerging Baobab industry.


Being an experienced Baobab entrepreneur  himself and the current Board Chair of the African Baobab Alliance (ABA), he has prepared a three-part guide on the opportunities and risks around entering the fast-developing baobab sector.


In Part 1 he answers questions about:

– What kind of products can be produced from baobab?

– Which market to target – export vs. local?

– Where to sell your products?

In Part 2, Gus dives into the details of Baobab fruit powder production. He discusses topics around:



– How to choose the right fruit?

– How to store the fruit before selling?

– Why traceability in the supply chain is important

– fair trading relations with harvesters

– storing the fruit before processing

– basic hygiene in processing

– processing techniques

– basic measures of quality

– packaging 

– storage

Finally, Part 3 provides an overview about processing Baobab seed oil, including:

– seed preparation

– pressing

– filtration

– basic measures of quality

– packaging

– storage

Enjoy watching and let us know what you think in the comments!